1. As Amended at the 22nd Annual General Meeting held on 9th May 2013
  2. The name of the Club shall be Brede Angling Club.
  3. The object of the Club shall be to provide angling facilities for its members and to promote and protect their interests.
  4. The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting not later than the end of April in each year, the first to be held in 1992.
  5. The Officers of the Club shall be a Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer all to be appointed at an Annual General Meeting.
  6. The Committee shall consist of the Officers and a maximum of six additional members also to be appointed at an Annual General Meeting.
  7. The Committee shall meet, as and when required, for which purpose four members present shall constitute a quorum.
  8. Membership of the Club shall be unrestricted but the Committee shall be empowered to revoke or suspend membership of any person for conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Club.
  9. The Club shall have Senior and Juvenile members, the latter being anglers under the age of 16 at the 16th of June.
  10. Annual Subscriptions with effect from the 2008/09 season shall be £20.00 for Senior members and £7.00 for Juvenile members and subsequent annual subscription rates shall be determined at an Annual General Meeting.
  11. With effect from 2009/10 season reduced initial subscriptions for new members joining in the period from 1st October to 15th June will be £10.00 for Seniors and £3.50 for Juveniles.
  12. With effect from the 2009/10 season, Day Tickets at £2.50 will be available for Kingswood Pond.
  13. Annual Subscriptions shall be collected by the Water Bailiff or by the Secretary. With effect from the 2013/14 season, commission will be abolished but in lieu thereof the Water Bailiff will be entitled to a discount of 50% on his/her Annual Subscriptions.
  14. The interpretation of the Chairman or Acting Chairman shall be final in the event of any doubt as to the interpretation of these rules.