1. Only those possessing a current RFA Membership card with RFA sticker attached, or who hold a current RFA Complimentary permit or who have (where appropriate) purchased a day ticket, or who are members of authorised visiting clubs, or who have other authorisation given by the RFA may enter onto and/or fish RFA properties and waters.
  2. Any RFA member or riparian owner may demand sight of any angler's permit to fish RFA waters.
  3. Angling shall be by rod (maximum 2) and line only using bait, f1y or lure. No nets or other devices (except for landing nets and keep nets used in conjunction with fishing rods) shall be used, and for disease control purposes. No live fish to be used as bait.
  4. Any persons fishing must hold a current EA License to Fish and will obey all EA or RFA Bylaws and other regulations as may be applied.
  5. In any one day no more than 2 sizeable game fish may be retained per angler. All other fish must be returned live to the water.
  6. Night fishing is prohibited unless with the express written permission of the RFA or relevant riparian owner.
  7. Visiting and Member Clubs must hold Public Liability Insurance to indemnify the RFA against any and all costs or other liabilities which may result.
  8. Access to RFA waters shall be by way of authorised gates and paths only. Any person trespassing onto adjoining fields or other property will be banned from further access to RFA waters.
  9. The Country Code must be observed at all times and in particular:

The Committee of the RFA shall have the right to ban or expel any person or Member Club or other organisation if in its judgement there is a breach of the Constitution and/or Rules. Before exercising this right the Committee shall enquire into the case and the person or persons concerned shall be given the opportunity to defend or justify their actions by appearing before the Committee. Any decision then made by the Committee concerning any such matter shall be by majority vote, Chairman to have the casting vote. Any decision then resulting shall be final.