The RFA has about 7 miles of fishing on the River Rother and about 6 miles double-bank fishing on the Royal Military Canal between Iden Lock and Appledore. ln total about 1,100 typical 'swims'.


  1. The details below refer to the RFA waters from the downstream end, working up river from each point of access. O.S. Refs. Refer to 1.50000 Landranger Series map 199 'Eastbourne and Hastings'
  2. Blackwall Bridge: O.S. Refs 885 258 to 873 276. 2,300 yards right hand bank up-stream; access via gate next to the Blackwall North pumping station on Peasmarsh-Wittersham road. Broad, open previously dredged river. Very popular. Parking no problem. There are about 60 swims on the Rother here and where it joins the Potmans Heath Channel there are another 35 or so. 1,840 yards of river in total.
  3. Newenden: O.S. Refs 836 727 to 839 274. On A28 Tenterden-Northiam road. About 200 yards downstream right hand bank and also 650 yards left hand bank downstream (including within John Bourne's yard) from 882 272 to 838 274. No parking in Lossenham Lane (foot access only) or in the small car park opposite John Bourne's yard on the main road. Parking in White Hart Pub car park (near to the riverside) by agreement with publican (£1 per car - paid to pub before fishing). About 800 yards of river in total.
  4. Bodiam Bridge: upstream (right hand bank) through to Udiam Bridge. From O.S. Refs 783 254 to 772 243. (About 40 yards excluded below Castle Inn garden). Parking now difficult on roadside.
  5. Salehurst Church and Footbridge: O.S. Ref 751 738. Both downstream (left hand bank meets water upstream of Udiam) and upstream right hand bank to Robertsbridge O.S. Ref 738 24l. Access off Robertsbridge Bypass (A21) both to Salehurst and Robertsbridge. Parking at Salehurst by church, but can be difficult. Small river fishing. Small weir at footbridge.
  6. Robertsbridge: O.S. Ref. 738 241 meets water upstream of Salehurst. Left Hand Bank downstream. Parking no problem. Altogether about 6,000 yards of river down to Bodiam.


Both banks from Appledore Dam (O.S. Sheet 189 'Ashford & Romney Marsh Area') Ref. 953 285 to Iden Lock confluence with River Rother Ref 936 245. Approx. 3 miles both banks. Parking and access from lay-bys, access only (no parking) to 'field' bank from Appledore Dam farm and Stone Bridge and Iden Lock. 25 yards wide. 3-6 feet deep. Hard in winter when levels are dropped very low for flood defence reasons.

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